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Sound Healing Cape Cod

Sound Healing Cape Cod welcomes you. Let us create a personal sound healing session for you, your group, family or business. We do in person or online sound experiences. Civilizations through history have used sound to restore mental clarity. You will be rejuvenated. We help you to gain new perspectives with these beautiful and relaxing sessions. Treat yourself by giving your mind and body the opportunity to repair cellular damage, restore homeostasis and with bliss and retrospection, lead you toward clarity and wellbeing. Your sound healing session is unique and exceptionally powerful. Your sound massage session can restore your creative nature. You can then can open and relax into receiving restorative guided internal insights and inspirations. We use amazing instruments that create beautifully exquisite sounds that are keyed to your optimum levels that calm your body and help you to restore your soul. This is your return to natural and beneficial inner rhythms. Schedule your session(s) today!

Founder: Rev. Paul Zoino-OM, 181 Rt. 137, East Harwich, Ma, second floor, unit 3