About Sound Healing Cape Cod

Sound Healing Cape Cod offers you Sound Healing Sessions in person and on-line that give you the opportunity to repair cellular damage, restore homeostasis and through bliss and retrospection leads us back toward wellbeing.


Sound Healing is an exceptionally powerful and pleasant modality that helps us restore our creative nature, where we all can open and receive restorative guided internal insights and inspirations. SHCC incorporates many amazing instruments and tools that create beautifully exquisite sounds. The instruments are keyed to optimum levels that calm the internal body, returning us to our natural beneficial inner rhythm.


There are many options when choosing your session. Crystal Sound Singing Bowls are unique crystal tools, that employ multiples of seven notes corresponding to the seven chakras (energy centers). We also offer the choice to work with the human voice, guided imagery, multiple sets of chimes, Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. All our sessions are held in a safe, intuitively guided and relaxed atmosphere. You may sit in a chair during an individual, couple or group session; or you may feel more comfortable while lying on a yoga mat or treatment table.


We have the added option for you to now experience sound vibrational massage by placing the singing bowls directly on your body. We can do this while you are in a pyramid for ultimate bliss filled coherence. We have massage tables and optional massage while sound bathing inside or outside the pyramid or you may use your own mat. This is a protocol for healing that some are now being offered to by some cancer doctors here in the West. Bring your intentions then let your mind, body, and soul be bathed in the healing tones of experiential bliss. When we create space for healing, transformation and rejuvenation; a new sense of balance, calm, and vitality can enhance you in ways waiting for you to be experienced.