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Sound Healing Events
Sunday night, June 20th, at 7pm in the Masjah Center main event room for a Special Solstice Sound Healing Ceremony!
Let's welcome in some great vibes and enjoy a healing and meditative Solstice Sound Celebration. $ 25/person.
Please come hydrated, bring water, a mat, blanket, pillow or whatever your comfort requires. Restrooms are provided. Thank you, and see you soon!


New Moon and Full Moon Sound Healing Ceremonies
Some are offered free online in Facebook live under the Masjah Center FB page. We usually start at 5pm or 7pm on the new and full moon nights, but log in and subscribe to Masjah Center FB notifications for updates for these event postings. I will be also posting these as replays to my Frequency528Hertz FB and will be also simulcasting to Sound Healing Cape Cod Facebook live when I open up Sound Healing Cape Cod FB page site.


Stay tuned for some great healing tones and intentions!

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Sound Practitioner Training